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©InBiz1000™ Accelerator Programme Module 2

Value Creation

Value Creation is set of principles that underpin your Business’ Product or Service Development processes and introduces a number of key elelments which helps you define your Value Proposition by understanding where the inherent value in your business is positioned, who the intended value is being created for, how that value is inherently perceived and how it is communicated to potential customer(s).

In this module, we will explore some of the important subtexts and topics that will provide insights into how and where a business can create value to make it a viable proposition.

©InBiz1000™ Accelerator Programme Introduction Module

Introduction to Business

This module is essential for anyone thinking about starting a business or in the very early stages of turning an idea in a business. While it is for beginners, it will also help those who have already decided to start their business to re-examine their concepts to ensure they have the best foundation for their business.