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Wholesale Clothing Vendors in the USA: Top 24 Picks (2024)

If you want to start an online clothing business selling fashion made in the US, you first need to find some great vendors of wholesale clothing in the US. But there are so many US wholesale clothing vendors out there—where should you start?
To make things even trickier, not every online wholesale marketplace verifies the suppliers listed on its platform. Which ones are reputable and trustworthy? Which ones supply high-quality clothing?
Ahead, you’ll learn about 24 carefully curated vendors of wholesale clothing in the US. These vendors feature some of the best wholesale boutique clothing made in the country.

10 best wholesale clothing vendors for women’s apparel
Want to grow your business by selling stunning women’s fashion items? Check out these 10 vendors of wholesale women’s clothing in the US.
1. Emilia George

Emilia George supplies women’s clothing for moms, designed to shine with substance and style at all stages of motherhood. If you’re looking for women’s wholesale clothing made in the US, this brand is a sure bet, having been featured in Vogue, Forbes, People, Popsugar, Elle, and The Bump, to name a few.
Minimum order: $50
2. Wondery Outdoors

Wondery Outdoors is an outdoor lifestyle brand that blends fashion with utility to create practical women’s clothing. Plus, this down-to-earth designer brand is focused on positively impacting the world through its nonprofit, called The Women’s Explorer Alliance. This organization helps women and girls from every background enjoy the outdoors by providing education and financial resources.
Minimum order: $150
3. ocean main

Ocean main produces high-quality boutique wholesale clothing in the US, focusing on locally sourced, ethically made dresses, tunics, and caftans. The brand’s apparel can be found in retailers like Neiman Marcus and Four Seasons Resorts.
Designed and produced in Los Angeles, this brand is committed to using zero single-use plastic, recycling water, and donating a portion of its proceeds to ocean preservation.
Minimum order: $1,200
4. Mien
Mien clothes are dreamed up by a “multi-tasking, working Mama” with more than a decade of design experience. These women’s clothes are designed to be “simple but distinctive, stylish but unfussy.”
The brand supplies eco-friendly, minimal chic wholesale ladies’ clothing in the US. This vendor stocks clothes in sizes XS to 3XL, along with pregnancy and nursing-friendly pieces. Overall, it’s a good choice for plus-size wholesale clothing in the US.
Plus, all garments are pre-shrunk and can be machine-washed and -dried.
Minimum order: $200
5. Eva Franco
Former soap opera actress Eva Franco designs timeless feminine clothing that echoes old Hollywood glamor. This trendy fashion clothing brand offers striking dresses, skirts, and tops that incorporate unique fabrics, textures, and weaves. With such a broad selection of cuts, colors, and styles, you’re bound to find something that suits your target market.
Minimum order: $100
6. amente
Amente provides minimal women’s designer clothes wholesale in the US. These pieces are designed for the modern woman, featuring an earthy, nude palette and sustainable premium fabric.
Minimum order: $200
7. Molly Pepper
Molly Pepper is a California-based lifestyle brand “born from a love of nature, travel, and collecting beautiful things.” Molly Pepper launched its first clothing line in 2016 with its signature nightgowns, “Sophia” and “Lilly.” These days, the brand provides elegant and chic robes, PJs, jumpsuits, slips, and loungewear essentials, using French lace, the finest silks, and beautifully milled soft fabrics.
Minimum order: $200
8. Avenue Zoe
Avenue Zoe supplies affordable, high-quality contemporary women’s wholesale clothing in the US. Featuring a range of styles, cuts, and fabrics, this brand combines classic tailoring with a subtle New York aesthetic. Avenue Zoe also provides wholesale fashion accessories, such as jewelry, hats, scarves, and a range of face masks.
Minimum order: $100
9. Katydid
Katydid’s founder, Katy Messersmith, fell into fashion by accident—her luggage was lost on her way to volunteer at a women’s prenatal clinic in Africa, and she soon found herself collaborating with local seamstresses.
The brand is inspired by adventurous women with a love of the outdoors and supplies an electric line of casual and boho clothing. You can also source beachwear and accessories from this US wholesale clothing vendor, such as hats, beach towels, loungewear, and totes.
Minimum order: $150
10. NYTT
NYTT aims to redefine modern closet staples with simple, organic designs. The line features gray tones and muted colors to deliver classic, versatile everyday items.
Minimum order: $0
4 best women’s swimwear wholesale clothing vendors
Looking for high-quality eye-catching swimwear? Here are five independent designer brands selling women’s wholesale clothing in the US.
11. Oista

Oista provides beautiful wholesale clothing made in the US at affordable prices. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, this apparel manufacturer and wholesaler creates striking, colorful swimwear and sportswear featuring plenty of eye-catching patterns. 
Minimum order: $0
12. Waves Swim
Founded by two-time entrepreneur Raelia Lewis, Waves Swim is a swimsuit brand dedicated to making women look and feel beautiful. You’ll find colorful, yet classy designs and various styles of swimsuits to sell to your audience. 
Minimum order: $0
13. Stylish Swimwear
Located in the Los Angeles Fashion District, Stylish Swimwear is known for fashion-forward styles and high-quality swimwear. With more than 12 years of experience, you can find good swimwear for any occasion and body type. If your customers want to look and feel their best in and out of the water, Stylish Swimwear is a great wholesaler to buy from. 
Minimum order: $60
14. Bromelia Swimwear
Bromelia Swimwear produces bold and classic pieces that are comfortable and stylish. The founder of Bromelia Swimwear, Lauren Quinn, moved to Brazil in 2015 to learn the art of crafting beautiful swimsuits. As a result, this designer label is a mix of the Californian beach lifestyle and Brazilian soul. Quinn aims to support local artisans from underrepresented communities.
Minimum order: $200
5 best wholesale clothing vendors for men’s apparel
Want to start selling menswear online? Here are five men’s wholesale clothing US vendors supplying high-quality, attention-grabbing apparel.
15. Vustra

Vustra started its journey by supplying certified organic cotton button-down shirts for men. Cut in a fashion-forward European style, Vustra’s clothing features various colors, textures, and patterns that are elegant and stylish.
The brand is dedicated to quality and aims to bridge the gap between fashion and sustainability. Its entire line is made with Global Organic Textile Standard–certified 100% Italian and Turkish organic cotton.
Minimum order: $150
16. FindYourCoast (FYC) Apparel
FindYourCoast (FYC) Apparel supplies wholesale clothing in the US for those seeking to embody the beach lifestyle. If your business has an active outdoorsy target market, FYC’s line of casual and comfortable clothing may be just what you’re looking for. In particular, the brand’s t-shirt line features a range of eye-catching designs.
Minimum order: Contact the brand for pricing information
17. Tough Apparel
Tough Apparel supplies performance menswear—the kind that’s liquid-repellant, four-way stretch, machine-washable, lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking.
The brand began life as Tough Tie and appeared on the reality TV show Shark Tank, securing a $100,000 investment from Canadian businessman Robert Herjavec.
Since then, Tough Apparel has gone from strength to strength, rolling out new products, such as shirts, belts, socks, masks, and gaiters.
Minimum order: $200
18. Solid Threads
Solid Threads has been producing retro-styled head-turning t-shirt designs for 20 years. These tees are custom cut and sewn exclusively for the brand, providing a stylish fit and a “vintage, worn-in feel from the get-go.” You can find t-shirts and sweatshirts for men, women, and children.
The brand provides wholesale clothing in the US that’s ethically sourced and sustainably printed. To be specific, the company prints all t-shirts in-house, using water-based inks that are non-hazardous, non-toxic, and biodegradable.
Minimum order: $200
19. Spiritex
Spiritex is another vendor of wholesale clothing in the US that’s committed to pushing the envelope of ethical fashion and locally sourced materials. The brand uses eco-friendly dyes and is committed to producing clothes that are “grown and sewn in the US from seed to shirt, field to fabric.”
The brand makes men’s, women’s, and kids’ wholesale clothing in the US. There is no minimum to order, but if you add at least 6 products from a specific line, you can qualify for discounts. 
Minimum order: $0
5 best kids wholesale clothing vendors
Want to start an online store selling clothes for babies and children? Or perhaps you want to expand your target market to include kids? Either way, here are some kids’ wholesale clothing US vendors.
20. Orcas Lucille

Orcas Lucille provides wholesale clothing in the US for babies and toddlers. Designed and sourced by Emma, a mom of three, the brand supplies trendy, colorful, and stylish pieces with a vintage slant.
Minimum order: $200
21. Laree Co.
Laree Co.’s founder was inspired to start the brand by her newborn daughter, who initially was given only a few days to live due to a genetic disorder. Thankfully, her daughter is now four years old and loving life!
The brand’s mission is to provide quality clothes for children and babies, while raising awareness of children’s medical conditions. Plus, 10% of its profits are donated to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital.
Minimum order: $200
22. Babe Basics
Babe Basics supplies everything a parent needs to dress their baby or toddler in the perfect outfit, including clothes, shoes, and accessories. 
Not only is each piece designed to be adorable, but each item is created in a neutral mix-and-match style to “make life a little simpler for parents.”
Minimum order: $100
23. Bash Sass
Bash Sass is a gender-neutral brand that supplies kids’ wholesale clothing in the US. Created for the “little minimalist” and “made for play,” the brand’s founder is inspired by an urban street style—and her own two kids. Bach Sass focuses on sustainable manufacturing and produces garments locally in California.
You can find clothes for ages six months to 12 years old, and get wholesale clothing in the US with no minimum order.
Minimum order: $200
24. Flap Happy
Flap Happy supplies a range of protective clothing for kids that offers UPF 50 sun protection. Plus, the fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, free of chemical additives.
The brand was founded more than 30 years ago by Laurie Lipson Snyder after she was diagnosed with skin cancer at a young age. She started the business to protect her four children from the sun’s harmful UV rays with an innovative protective hat.
In the years since, Flap Happy has grown to provide swimwear, outerwear, and playwear for children featuring vibrant colors and engaging prints.
Minimum order: $300
Find the best wholesale clothing vendor for your business today 
If you want to sell trendy clothing as a business owner, the wholesale apparel brands above are a great place to start. You can find all the best shirts, dresses, pants, swimwear, hats, and more for good wholesale prices that can earn you a healthy profit margin. 
Got a few wholesale clothing suppliers in mind, but still need an ecommerce store? Make your online clothing shop today and start building the business you’ve been dreaming of. 

Ready to create your business? Start your free trial of Shopify—no credit card required.

Wholesale clothing vendors USA FAQ

What are the best wholesale clothing websites in the USA?

Some of the best wholesale clothing websites in the US are:

Emilia George
Eva Franco
Stylish Swimwear
Tough Apparel
Solid Threads
Babe Basics
Orcas Lucille

How do you buy new clothes wholesale?

To buy wholesale items from a specific brand, you can visit a marketplace like Faire and order through it. Or you can try contacting them through their website. Once you lock in a deal with a wholesale clothing supplier, you can start promoting and selling their products in your store. 

Is wholesale clothing profitable?

Wholesalers buy products in large quantities at lower prices, then resell them at a higher price to retailers. However, you can still get good deals with a wholesale clothing supplier and earn a healthy profit from reselling their clothes in your store.

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