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Frequently Asked Questions

Forget about the limitations! Where others feel doubt, the entrepreneur has convictionsenses possibilitiesstays focusedlearns from experience

The program is open to any Black person who has a dream of starting a business or taking their existing business to the next level of success.  It’s easy to get on board and it starts with a simple application form.

None.  All you need is an idea for a product or service and a genuine desire to start your own business.  It helps to have clarity around a few initial concepts like the who, what and how. For example; Who do you think will be your customers?  What product or service will you be providing to them? How are you going to do that? (In person, from a shop, office, or online, or through multiple channels?

Enrolling in the InBiz1000™ program will provide you with the tools and training that will help you improve your chances for business success. It will also empower you to think differently about your options to gaining financial independence, making a difference in your life and community.

Just as there is not one set path to business success, there is not a set path that works for every new or small business owner. Your unique path will depend on the work you have done to-date and your specific area(s) of need.

If you are just starting out and don’t yet have a business plan, we recommend starting with the InBiz1000™ online Business Plan Builder Program. This program consists of a variety of self -paced learning modules and, depending on your availability and commitment, can be completed within 12 weeks.

INBiz1000™ provides a wide range of services for entrepreneurs and small business venturers including: personal 1:1 coaching to help you think differently about how business solves problems;

  • Explore your business idea(s) to determine what works and what doesn’t
  • creating a business plan and summary
  • Providing 1:1 small business coaching
  • Connecting you with technical experts in a variety of areas
  • Helping you with product and services design
  • Business processes and operation development
  • Explore new business potential within your business
  • Avoid costly mistakes and mis-steps early on in your business
  • Developing a growth mindset
  • Launch your business, either in a physical location and/or online (may be through an e-commerce platform)
  • Providing guidance on ways to build business models that can attract funding.

Getting started in 1TBB™ is easy. Simply Click here and complete a simple application form.  You will be moving towards launching your business in no time.

To get involved with the INBiz1000™ initiative as a Sponsor, Partner, Volunteer or a Supporter or a participant, visit the relevant sections of our website to register your interest by completing a simple one page digital application.

Sponsors or Partners


Supporter or Donations

Create A Business

We look forward to welcoming you on board…!

INBiz1000™ initiative was conceived by the Business, Employment and Economic Activity Focus Group of the Suffolk Black Community Forum, led by Roland Gilbertson Dip., C.B.E.E., M.A., a Business Analyst, Venture Coach & Growth Marketing Consultant.

The group share a vision to create more opportunities for aspiring black & brown entrepreneurs and inspire existing business owners to innovate and grow. This newly created platform will provide a variety of support services and tools to enable your dream of owning a business a reality.

INBiz1000™ intends to be a catalyst for building private-public partnerships through collaborations with key stakeholders (leading and forward thinking companies, organisations and public sector entities) who are all committed to working together to create an equitable community where Black & Brown are empowered, supported with the best tools and resources to build ventures that can contribute toward the economic wealth of the region.

There are a variety of ways that YOU can be part of the INBiz1000™ initiative.

Whether you are a company that is looking to strengthen your commitment to the Black business community; a government entity looking to expand business service offerings to local Black small businesses and/or entrepreneurs; a non-profit with a commitment to supporting under-served communities or generating new economic opportunities; a volunteer with specialised skills; or simply an individual, foundation, or corporation who recognises that building Black businesses is essential for the long term economic, social health and prosperity of our region and country, you can help make the 1TBB vision a reality. You can become a Sponsor, Partner, Volunteer or simply a supporter by making a donation.