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Introduction to Brands and Branding – Introduction What is a brand? o The personality of the

Brands and Branding 12.1.21


What is a brand?

oThe personality of the organisation

oOrganisational perspective: a brand is something that allows an organisation to

distinguish its product and services form its competitors

oBrands first appeared in Ancient Civilisations

Organisational perspective:

“…intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and

differentiate them from those of competition” (American Marketing Association, 1960).

Full personality of the organisation – interface between organisation and its audiences

(Davis, 2009).

“A living business asset, brought to life across all touch points, which, if properly

managed, creates identification, differentiation and value” (Hales, 2011)

Consumer perspective:

Brands reside in consumers’ minds!

“. the aura of beliefs and expectations about a product (or service) which makes it

relevant and distinctive.

It stretches beyond the physical and into the psychological and is extremely powerful”

(Smith, 1998).

“Branding is not something done to consumers, but rather something they do things with”

(de Chernatony & Dall’Olmo Riley, 1998)

Consumers co-create brand meaning with organisations


oBrands speak to consumers but also for them

oWe purchase from brands whose values correspond to our own values

oOrganisations communicate a brand identify, consumers interpret this

oIt is important to remember that consumers’ perceived differences between brands in

given category is key to successful branding

oBrands represent the personality of a company (David 2009)

oThis means that there is a need for strategic communications to create and communicate a

consistent brand message

oThe answer to any organisational misconceptions of branding is brand valuation which

leads to economic recognition of branding so it can drive its own agenda for investments

made on rigorous KPI’s that embrace the demand for ROI

oA brand’s financial value: a financial representation of the revenue generated thanks to

the superior demand the organisation creates for its products or services through the

strength of its brand.

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